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Marine Cargo Monitoring

RTG Radar Tank GaugingRosemount Cargo Monitoring System (CMS)

Depending on tanker type, tanker size and cargo, Rosemount CMS is designed to be flexible and scalable for the demand and requirements of all types of tankers and cargoes with no compromise on reliability. We have a wide range of radar level gauges and additional equipment to supply a system that is tailored to your needs.

Accessories & Communication

The supply and communication equipment provides power distribution and communication with gauges and sub equipoment. Supplementary devices such as switches, display and communication units are additional equipment to Rosemount Cargo Monitoring System (CMS).


We offer tailored radar gauge solutions for different types of tanks and cargoes. We have an extensive range of gauges, each with uniqe features that will provide realible and accurate level gauging in order to optimize the cargo operation.

DataSkarmSupply and Communication

The main functions of the supply and communication equipment are to provide intrinsically safe power distribution to deck units and to provide communication links between the different gauges and sub equipment.


Temperature measurement is used to control and maintain heating of the cargo and for volume calculations.

Vapor Pressure

A tank gauging system with a pressure sensor meets SOLAS secondary means requirement. We offer a Vapor Pressure Sensor (VPS) mounted in the Tank Gauge Unit.


The Workstation consists of software, computer and monitor. It is for monitoring tank ullage, temperatures, tank pressures and all other data handled by Rosemount Cargo Monitoring System (CMS).

Custody Transfer System

Built on Emerson’s existing and widely used Overflow Control technology, the new Rosemount Custody Transfer System is the most accurate and reliable fiscal measurement system for LNG carriers. For years our technology has been used onboard tankers and in overflow systems. From this, we have developed a new dual radar solution using a single still pipe and antenna, providing precise data and uninterrupted system uptime to maximise profitability during the loading and discharging process

  • The only dual measurement system for LNG carriers that uses a single still pipe for both primary and secondary CTS
  • Fully integrated under one cover, it includes a dual radar level gauge, dual pressure sensors and up to 6+6 temperature spot sensors
  • Secondary CTS requires no extra tank penetration or installation
  • Both systems share data so redundancy can be achieved on sensor level
  • Built on existing dual radar channel technology
  • Each system has its own backup and service display in the Supply and Communication Unit cabinet
  • Service under closed tank conditions
  • One point of contact for spares and maintenance