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Valve Remote Control

BRCDue to its proven reliability, the Damcos Valve Remote Control (VRC) systems set the standard for the marine industry. Damcos VRC covers both hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems for all ship types and offshore structures. Damcos actuators are compact and space-saving, yet providing a high torque output and they are designed for easy adaptation and mounting on all quarter-turn and linear valves.

Both systems are built on a cost-effective modular design that allows a high degree of customization while delivering performance on all fronts.

Hydraulic Actuators

Hydraulic VRC system covers our compact actuator design, delivering exceptionally high torque while minimizing size and weight. Due to its proven stability, flexibility and reliability, as well as long operating life and low maintenance Damcos VRC sets the standard for the marine industry.

Electro-hydraulic VRC System

Damcos Electro-Hydraulic VRC system works in combination with a Local Power Unit, which is mounted its on the Damcos actuator itself. The main advantage of opting for this solution is the cost and space savings gained by eliminating the need for hydraulic piping, solenoid valve cabinets and a hydraulic power unit. Our LPU is exceptionally small, lightweight and works with all types of Damcos actuators, including our largest models.